ABC Open: Caught Out

Submissions for ABC Open’s project ‘500 Words: Caught Out’ are due to close in one week (October 31).

That means you have 7 days to whip up roughly a page of literary materpiece to submit and get your work published on the ABC Open website. It’s an awesome opportunity to show yourself off, though your submission needs to be 500 words of non-fiction to do with this month’s theme ‘Caught Out’. But entry is free, and everyone loves free stuff.

I once did a class where every week we wrote and handed in a 500 word microfiction, and even though coming up with something new (or good) every week was really hard, it’s great practice. I’m the kind of person who won’t write unless I force myself, and 500 words is a nice little number to work with.

That should make writing for ‘Caught Out’ a piece of cake (totally delicious and it goes off in about a week).

However, if you accidently forget about the metaphorical ‘Caught Out’ cake and miss out on a slice of the action, there’ll be a new theme starting soon for the month of November.

So check out ABC Open for more details and tips about the project, where to submit and some examples of submissions that have been published online already.

Go write that cake!


4 thoughts on “ABC Open: Caught Out

    • Oh wow, that’s awesome! I didn’t get around to it unfortunately (STILL writing poetry for my last assessment), but I’ll definitely be writing for their November theme (stay tuned for a blog about it).

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